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BACK&ABDOMEN Strengthening Groups

Would you like to strengthen your back & neck and/or improve your posture?

Would you like to strengthen your deep abdominal muscles?

After a caesarean or any abdominal operation did you forget to strengthen your abdominals?

Are you having trouble tying your shoe laces?

Would you like to improve mobility and/or flexibility of the vertebral column and all muscles and joints?

Would you like to prevent or cure back pain?



If YES.., please join us!


The Back&Abs class is ideal for ALL. WHY ? Mum’s, those with a seated job, sportsmen and women and teenagers too… which is basically all of us.

For those who love gardening, skiing, walking, hiking, tennis or other sports… it’s an absolute must to stretch and mobilize their muscles and joints and strengthen their abdominal and postural muscles, to avoid muscle imbalances, which later in life can cause serious aches and pains or injuries which can lead to surgical operations for disc herniation, hip replacement, etc.


Pain or no pain we all need to strengthen the core muscles, have a good upright posture and mobilize our muscles and joints due to age, too much sport, too little sport or sedentary lifestyle.



BACK&ABS class will improve –

  • strength and flexibility of – back, neck, hips and pelvis
  • abdominal strength
  • flexibility and mobility of – all joints and muscles
  • posture



Exercises will be modified and adapted to each participants condition, needs and requirements.



Monday mornings – 09:15 to 10:30
Tuesday evenings – 17:30 to 18:45


Lausanne Palace Spa
Rue du Grand Chêne 7-9
1002 Lausanne
For Registration:
Please e-mail – or
please call – 078 842 18 78

One can choose from the following 3 options:

    • Individual class CHF 40.-
    • 3 or 6 month subscription CHF 30.- per class
    • Purchase 10 classes for CHF 350.- , and come when you can, validity 6 months


  • Trial class CHF 30.-

For those looking for a job – 5% discount for 3 and 6 month subscriptions


The personal interview is for understanding aim, needs and medical condition of the participant. Therefore enabling the participants to receive a more personalized and safe service. The muscle and joint tests will determine exactly which muscles are tight and weak in your body enabling you and me to work more effectively on your body along with an explanation of the results of the tests. Therefore, the personal interview and muscle and joint tests both are very highly recommended for all participants. However, they are not a compulsion.

Muscle & Joint Assessments + Personal Interview CHF 245.-
( For those looking for a job CHF 225.- )


  • The personal interviews and Muscle & Joint Tests are conducted before you join the class, to understand your body and your needs
  • Age: No limit
  • Shower facility available
  • The Lausanne Palace Spa will provide towels
  • Plenty of parking around the Lausanne Palace Hotel, closest underground parking is that of the Lausanne Palace Hotel and of St-François
  • Public holidays there will be no class