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« Mens sana in corpore sano » A healthy mind in a healthy body

Mehernaaz Dugast Rouillé is a certified and accredited Hatha Yoga Professor (accredited by The Foundation ASCA - The Suisse Foundation for complementary medicine), Personal Trainer and Specialist for Back & Neck Pain and Posture Correction.

Her approach is to use an all-round holistic method for best and sustainable results with her clients and patients.

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Mehernaaz started to work intensively with me after an injury on my lower back in February 2012. She patiently followed me weekly with personal training, Yoga classes and giving me exercises to be done at home daily. She constantly monitored my progress, advised me professionally new changes to my posture. She encouraged me to believe on my recovery and my body's ability and reminded me to achieve good health day after day. After 5 months my mobility has strongly improved as also my confidence thanks to the several sets of stretching. Working with Mehernaaz is more than just exercising. I feel cared gently but also firmly, challenged to overtake obstacles. She is very scrupulous and accurate, aiming to reach with me solid improvements, before increasing the work level. Her advices are precious to daily life for a better posture and body consciousness, empowering me to lead my improvements. So I am happily continuing the journey with her and certainly recommend her as individual fitness trainer and Yoga master.
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