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Work Ergonomics
Aligning your workstation to your body mechanics is very essential to prevent and cure back & neck pain. Many patients spend hours on corrective exercise programs or visit doctors for a lifetime without having much change in their back condition. This is due to the fact that they do not look into their work environment.

We live in a time where a seated job is the norm. Most employees today spend most of their hours in a day at their work desk. Thus looking into an employee’s work ergonomic structure is very important. A well-designed workstation helps to prevent or reduce back & neck pain. Besides we are seated all the time… in the train, bus, car, office, sofas, restaurants, etc.

Mehernaaz educates her back and neck pain patients / clients on aligning their workstation correctly. She also works with her clients on correct posture techniques since she strongly believes that “Posture is where one’s health begins.”

She highly recommends using the Swiss Ball as an alternative to a chair. However, she warns that one must be very careful, and sit for few minutes on the chair and few minutes on the Swiss Ball. She recommends to progress very gradually the time spent on the Swiss Ball.