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Nutrition & Metabolic Typing
Optimum nutrition is a key to good health and sports performance. Poor nutrition can lead to deficiencies, disease and reduce stamina levels. Mehernaaz believes in natural sources of food to give you the optimum nutrition and hydration.
Metabolic typing is determining your individual metabolic type and integrating the macro nutrients (i.e. proteins, carbohydrates and fats) in your daily meals. Every individual comes from a different cultural background, different weather and climatic conditions and also has a different working environment.
…Thus metabolic types are different for different people.

She gives nutrition advice on the basis of the metabolic typing tests which she conducts for individuals.
She does not believe in harsh and drastic diets but balanced meals with disciplined habits, is what she recommends for sustained weight management or weight loss or weight gain.
For a healthy back and neck, as well as a healthy body, it is essential to drink water regularly and eat well balanced healthy meals daily