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Hatha Yoga
Mehernaaz originally from India, has an experience of over 20 years teaching Hatha Yoga. Her private and group classes bring her students the numerous benefits of Hatha Yoga, whose teachings are particularly useful in our modern urban lives.
Hatha Yoga today and was always a subject of great knowledge and interest for people all over the world. People from every walk of life are becoming aware of the various benefits that Hatha Yoga offers to mankind. However, majority of the people are just aware of the physical effects of Hatha Yoga in maintaining good health and they consider Yoga to be an exercise form.
Yoga is not an exercise. Yoga is not only concerned with the physical body but it is also and more evidently concerned with the mind and the soul. One must remember that Hatha Yoga is a science which leads one to “Self Realisation” which is indeed the “ultimate aim of Yoga.” Thus Hatha Yoga is a harmonious integration of the total personality of an individual – physical, mental, emotional, moral, social and spiritual. Today this ancient science is receiving an overwhelming recognition all over the world.
Mehernaaz adds“In my many years of experience in the fitness industry I realised that people are very stressed and irritable which leads to their poor mental health and in turn their physical health deteriorates too. I wanted to help these people. Thus my interest arose in the science of Hatha Yoga which was a very remarkable and changing experience in my life. There have been many challenges like discipline, thoughts and questions which have lead to positive changes in my personality. Also I discovered the fact that Hatha Yoga is a science which leads to self realisation which brought about great insight. I notice many people running helter – skelter and frustrated with many physical and mental aspects of their lives. Many have forgotten what truth, non – violence, non – stealing are. Most people are unsatisfied and many have negative thoughts and emotions. Through self study, various Hatha Yoga practises and relaxation techniques one can bring about positive changes in one’s lives.”

Benefits of Hatha Yoga

  • The practise of Hatha Yoga brings significant benefits to the functioning and efficiency of each and every system of the human body. For example, the musculoskeletal system, digestive system, excretory system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, etc
  • Relaxation to the nervous system and all other systems of the body
  • Improving strength, stability and flexibility of the human body
  • Alert and well concentrated mind
  • Stress relief
  • Positive changes in personality
  • Calm and composed mind and heart
  • Mental relaxation
  • Improves sports performance and posture

Hatha Joga on

Mehernaaz quotes, “Therefore practising Hatha Yoga regularly is very useful in today’s modern urban lives.”




  • Mehernaaz would like to transmit Hatha Yoga in its authentic form through her classes in Lausanne
  • She has an experience of over 20 years in India, as well as Paris and Lausanne
  • She carefully selects each Yoga practise for her students based on their individual medical conditions, their needs, requirements and personal goals. Therefore making her group classes very personalised
  • Individual and group classes are possible – Classes are open for all age groups
  • She speaks English & French



Mehernaaz teaches

Hatha Joga Mehernaaz teaches on



Recommended by Sage Patanjali which are in the form of rules to be observed in the society. These are in the form of self restraint.


Sage Patanjali has also recommended self discipline to be practised for developing personal qualities.


Hatha Yoga has many asanas which are defined as psycho-somatic postures which help to keep the body and mind relaxed.


This method of disciplined Yogic breathing helps to control the breathing and thereby one can make the mind steady and calm.


It is the fixation of the mind on a limited area of an object. This helps to improve concentration.


Dhyana or Meditation:
Continuation of one pointedness of the mind on an object in an unbroken flow. Helps to calm and steady the mind.


Shuddhi Kriyas:
These are cleansing processes which help to clean the internal parts of the body in order to balance the kapha (phlegm) and pitta (acidity) in the body. Due to poor diets, stress and pollution many people suffer from digestive problems, sinuses, cough and colds. Shuddhi kriyas help to reduce sinuses, cough, regular colds, acidity problems, digestive and excretory problems, clearing the nasal passage and thus enhancing breathing capacity.



Mehernaaz’s private and group Hatha Yoga Classes are a combination of Asanas, Pranayamas, Bandhas, Mudras, Dharana, Dhyana or Meditation and Shuddhi Kriyas