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1) I am very inflexible, can I still join a Hatha Yoga class?
Many students are shy or worried about their lack of flexibility when they consider joining Yoga classes. Improved flexibility is one of the advantages of Hatha Yoga. The practises are of various levels. One can start with simple movements, which will go a long way in improving flexibility and thereby bringing balance in one’s muscles and joints and preventing aches and pains in the future. So please start now!
2) Are a few sessions of physiotherapy enough to cure or reduce back pain?
In very few cases, Yes. But in most cases, individuals should follow a regular corrective exercise and lifestyle program for the long run. Also their programs must be changed every 4 to 6 weeks to take their strength, flexibility and stability to the next level.
3) Exercise is time consuming.
Indeed exercise and sports consume time. But what can be more rewarding than good health and stamina in the ages to come!
4) Why do I need to change my exercise or rehabilitation program regularly?
Performing the same exercises for fitness or rehabilitation over 4 to 6 weeks results in a plateau phase where the strength, flexibility and stability of the individual remain constant. Changing the exercise program every 4 to 6 weeks, results in a step forward in the progress of rehabilitation or fitness and therefore results improve drastically.
5) Do I need to stretch after exercise?
Stretching and flexibility is the foundation of fitness. It is very essential to keep the muscles supple and in balance. The working muscles need to be stretched to restore flexibility and avoid muscle imbalances after exercise.
6) Are only green vegetables important for good health?
It is very essential to eat fruits and vegetables of all colors. This will ensure that the body gets all the required vitamins and minerals in the right proportion.
7) On an average 3 to 5 liters of water is essential for everyone.
However your intake will largely depend on your body weight and height, level of physical activity and weather conditions. It is very essential to drink plenty of water before, after and during a work out.
8) Why is ” Work Ergonomics ” essential to reduce or prevent back pain?
We tend to spend most of our time seated at the desk at work, seated in the car or train or bus, seated at home on sofas. Thus it is very essential to learn how to sit correctly. Especially at work since misalignment of the desk with the computer and the person combined with a poor posture can result in aggravating back pain or causing one. However good work ergonomic structure with a good upright posture can help prevent back pain among employees and also reduces symptoms of pain if any.
9) What is “Functional Training”?
Functional Training is working out using exercises that help to perform daily chores or sports with ease. Training functionally is very essential if one wants to excel in sports. One becomes much stronger with functional training than with machine training.
10) Can I cure a Slip Disc ( Disc Herniation ) with exercises?
Yes. Disc Herniation can be kept in control and pain can be reduced significantly (in some cases even cured) through Corrective Mobilizations, Stretches and Exercises. In some cases an operation is the only answer. But in many cases operations can be avoided with the right exercise therapy.
11) Is it healthy to sleep at 1 am every day?
The physical repair of the cells of the human body takes place from 10 pm to 2 am. The mental or psychological repair takes place from 2 am to 6 am. Thus it is very essential to sleep during these hours to get the repair work done by the body in order that the body can carry out its regular functions. Those who sleep late very often will land up with adrenal fatigue, musculoskeletal problems, viral and bacterial infections, headaches and chronic fatigue syndrome.
12) Do crunches alone make my abs strong?
Crunches is an important abdominal exercise. But it is not sufficient. For strengthening the deep core muscles like the transverse abdominus, internal oblique, multifidus and the diaphragm – it is very essential to use many other core exercises. These muscles are the prime stabilizers of the torso and spine, thus ignoring them will cause harm to the spinal and hip structures and the rest of the joints too.
13) Can I start exercising at 55?
Yes. One can start exercising at any age. But it is very essential to be under the supervision of a qualified and experienced fitness professional with permission from a medical professional too. Also one must build up their fitness levels gradually and not do too much or too little. Doing too much results in injury and demotivation and doing too little does not much benefit the body.
14) Is it safe to starve to lose weight?
Starvation is very bad for the body. One must not starve since in the long run one tends to gain more weight since the fat cells begin to store more fat and also start to multiply in an effort to protect the body. Also starvation deprives the body of essential nutrients. Instead good food habits and eating at the right time will go a long way in losing and maintaining weight.