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Mehernaaz conducts HEALTH TALKS & WORKSHOPS at various Corporate houses in Europe and India, with the aim and objective of improving the physical, mental and emotional well-being of an individual.
She quotes, “An individual is who he is because of his physical, mental and emotional make-up. Therefore if you wish to improve the health of your employees we need to work on all 3 aspects, working only on 1 aspect out of 3 is like driving a car with a flat tyre.”

The HEALTH TALKS are aimed to inform and create awareness among employees on aspects related to:
  • Fitness & Well-being
  • Exercise Selection – it’s importance
  • How to exercise correctly and scientifically
  • Good food habits
  • Improving Sleep habits
  • Prevention & Cure for – Back & Neck pain
  • Posture Correction
  • Introduction to Traditional Hatha Yoga
  • Stress Relief & Energy building exercises
  • Work ergonomics & Lifestyle modifications to avoid aches and pains in muscles and joints

Mehernaaz conducts various WORKSHOPS for employees, for example:
  • Traditional Hatha Yoga Workshop
  • Workshop to improve flexibility of employees while seated at their work desk
  • Stress Relief Workshop & Energy building exercises
  • Back & Neck Pain Workshop – Prevention and Cure
  • Meditation and Relaxation Workshop
  • Stretching Workshop – pre or post workout. Why stretch and How ?
Why should a company invite Mehernaaz and invest in a talk or workshop?
  • To reduce incidence of employee absenteeism due to poor health and / or aches and pains
  • To have an alert and responsible team
  • To have healthy employees thereby reducing health insurance costs
  • To improve concentration of employees
  • To provide them a platform to release physical, mental and emotional stress
  • To obtain the latest and most scientific advice on Exercise and Fitness (which is lacking in commercial fitness centers)
  • To motivate employees towards healthy living
  • Employees find it easier when they receive a service which is at their office, therefore reducing time involved in transport
  • An interesting and healthy team building activity


  • Talks and Workshops can be organized at the company offices during, before or after office hours
  • At various locations outside of the office premises as suitable to the company
  • During company conferences or seminars, a health talk or workshop can be a great idea to add in as a team activity


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