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Body toning, Flexibility & Core training


Have you noticed in group classes all students perform same exercises inspite of different body types, postures, work profiles, sports activities, etc… ? Also many individuals perform exercises looking at DVD’s.
This can be a source of injury or poor results…

1) like herniated discs, back and neck pain, etc
2) distort one’s posture
3) many a times the clients are not supervised correctly, therefore they perform exercises with poor technique, in turn leading to injury
4) performing same exercises as everyone gives low or poor results, therefore wasting precious time and energy
Mehernaaz has a very different approach…
She brings her clients TAILOR-MADE body toning programs after specialised tests as well as assessing client goals and objectives.
Mehernaaz follows 3 steps with her Personal Training clients:
Step 1 – She assesses the client’s needs and goals and studies in detail their medical history Step 2 – Performs specialised orthopaedic tests Step 3 – She then combines Weight training, Resistance training, Hatha Yoga, Swiss Ball training, Foam Rollers and Medicinal Ball training to give her clients a tailor-made exercise program to improve their body tone, body shape, flexibility, core and abdominal strength as well as posture

Mehernaaz explains below the correct and scientific way to exercise…

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One must always prioritize the components of fitness to achieve correct fitness levels



Flexibility and Stability must always be given priority over strength and power. WHY ?


This is so because if your flexibility is poor, your strength will suffer due to reduced range of motion in the joints. Poor core and abdominal strength, will lead to reduced strength in the other muscles of the body. This is because the core and deep abdominal muscles are the power house of the body, poor strength in these muscles will lead to the collapse and weakening of the other muscles of the human body.


Therefore, flexibility and stability are very important to all – sportsmen, housewives, labourers, farmers, someone with a seated job. Anyone and everyone for that matter.


“When flexibility is improved, muscle balance is restored in the musculoskeletal system and hence mobility of the individual improves.

Stability provides a strong base and support for movement and thus reduces the chance of injury.”



Strength building comes in next, after Stability, where functional exercises help to improve activities of daily living, work and sport. Finally Power, which is only essential for those who are into high levels of sports performance and/or have jobs requiring high levels of power.



Unfortunately most fitness centres and gyms around the world focus only on strength and power training combined with machine training which weakens the individuals from inside out and causes many muscle and joint imbalances, leading to injury and pain.Many individuals often cycle, swim, play tennis, ski, hike, motor bike, snowboard, etc… without following a correct stretching program before and after their sport. Thus leading to serious injuries, poor postures, and in many cases preventing them to follow their sport or passion in the long run due to pain or injuries.
The most effective and scientific way of body shaping for someone looking for general fitness, would be to find a right balance in one’s flexibility and core & abdominal stability. Followed by a strengthening program. The priority and duration will change from person to person and also depends on their posture.For those looking for sports conditioning, a good base of flexibility in joints and a core stability program followed with an effective strength and power program would bring best results. The priority and duration will change from person to person, sport to sport and one’s posture.
“If you wish to continue and improve your passion or sport activity, as well as stay fit and mobile as you get older… START A FLEXIBILITY AND STABILITY PROGRAM NOW!!!” quotes Mehernaaz