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About me
Mehernaaz Dugast Rouillé is a certified and accredited Hatha Yoga Professor (accredited by The Foundation ASCA – The Suisse Foundation for complementary medicine), Personal Trainer and a Specialist for Back & Neck Pain and Posture Correction.

Her approach is to use an all-round holistic method for best and sustainable results with her clients and patients. Therefore, her method is to work with her clients from the root of the problem rather than looking at the surface to find temporary solutions. Mehernaaz also strongly believes and advocates prevention.

Clients are explained in great detail that the physical, mental, emotional, daily habits, medical history, sports activities, work and lifestyle factors of an individual – ALL need to be looked into for COMPLETE WELLBEING.

Mehernaaz is originally from Mumbai, India and is certified from various institutes in India, Switzerland, USA, UK and Australia, with an experience of over 20 years. She is now based in Lausanne since over 10 years, where she works with individual clients, conducts small group classes and runs corporate workshops. However she also conducts workshops in Paris and has a qualified team in Mumbai.

Qualifications Qualification

  • Accredited by The Foundation ASCA for Hatha Yoga (The Suisse Foundation for Complementary medicine), Fribourg, Switzerland, 2018
  • Energy Centre Sàrl – Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, Geneva, Switzerland, 2018
  • Gayo Fitness Academy – Corrective Postural Analysis & Exercises, Mumbai, India, 2017
  • Certified in Scientific Stretching, by CHEK INSTITUTE (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology), UK, 2012
  • GayoFitnesse – Evaluation for Fitness professionals & Training Program, Mumbai, India, 2011
  • Diploma in Yogic Science from Yoga Vidya Niketan, Mumbai, India, 2008
  • Certified by CHEK Institute, as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Level 2, San Diego, USA, 2007
    (Optimal health through practical nutrition, stress management & holistic lifestyle coaching)
  • Certified CHEK Practitioner, Level 2, New York, USA, 2007
    (For movement assessment, exercise selection and back pain treatment)
  • Trained with a CHEK Practitioner at the Austin Tennis Academy Gymnasium, for Muscle Testing and Assessment, Austin, USA, 2007
  • Various other CHEK Institute programs and certifications between 2004 and 2007 –

    • Advanced Program Design, 2007
    • Equal But Not The Same (considerations for training women), 2007
    • Flatten Your Abs Forever, 2007
    • Scientific Back Training, 2005
    • Advanced Swiss Ball Training for Rehabilitation, 2005
    • Dynamic Medicinal Ball Training, 2005
    • Program Design, 2004
    • Scientific Back Training, 2004
    • Scientific Core Conditioning, 2004


  • Certified Exercise Coach, CHEK Institute, UK, 2005
    (Corrective exercise, postural analysis, physiological load assessment, exercise selection and modifications for common imbalances in the body)
  • Certified CHEK Practitioner, Level 1, Sydney, Australia, 2005
    (Corrective exercises, red flag identification, postural analysis, exercise selection and modifications for common orthopaedic disorders)
  • Certified for Nutrition and Lifestyle program, Level 1, CHEK Institute, Sydney, Australia, 2005
    (Optimal health and fitness through practical nutrition & holistic lifestyle coaching)
  • Trained for exercise, fitness and back & neck pain at KOA Institute, Gold Coast, Australia, 2005
  • ISSA certified (International Sports Science Association), USA, 2004
  • Certified by Equilibrium Spa for health, fitness and nutrition, Mumbai, India, 2003


Work-experienceWork Experience

  • Personal Trainer and Group Class Coach for back & neck strengthening, deep stabiliser muscles and core strengthening, body toning and Hatha Yoga for the Lausanne Palace Spa, Lausanne, Switzerland, as an independent trainer, from 2012 till date
  • Conducts various Fitness, Back pain & Hatha Yoga workshops for corporate companies in Lausanne, Paris and Mumbai, from 2002 till date
  • Writes articles on fitness and holistic lifestyle for The International Parent School Magazine, Switzerland
  • Worked independently from her cabin at WELLNESS 37, Rue du Simplon, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2013-14
  • Worked as a Personal Trainer for The Beau Rivage Palace Spa – Le Cinq Monde, for their hotel guests, 2012
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant for Lowe International Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India from 2006 till date (run by her team)
  • Conducted a Hatha Yoga Course for the employees of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), on Yoga & Yogic living, Mumbai, India, 2008
  • Wrote fitness and lifestyle columns for India’s leading newspapers – The Times of India, DNA, The Indian Express, Mid Day & other publications. To find the articles, please click here (redirect to PRESS PAGE)
  • Trained the Mr. India Contestants, Mumbai, India , 2003
  • Fitness Instructor at Fitness Trends, Mumbai, India, 2000-02
  • Personal Trainer since 1997
  • Trained with Sensei Pervez Mistry (Masters in Exercise Physiology & Ph.D in Karate), Mumbai, India, 1996-97